Nusa Penida is hiding a million stunning natural beauty, especially the white sand beaches. One of the prima donnas is the Diamond Beach, located in the eastern part of the island, Pajukungan Village. Was Hiding behind a phenomenal cliff is totally a beautiful paradise that blends white sand, crystal clean blue sea water and  giant "diamond rocks".

This beach can be accessed by driving about 45 minutes from the Sampalan Port to the east. Along the way, you will be spoiled by the beauty of Nusa Penida Beach and green view. Arriving at the beach area, you will find a path on the cliff to get to the beach, but not only there, you have to pass through a several down stairs to reach the shoreline. The stairs is equipped with poles and rope for safety. Uniquely, these are become Instagramable photo spots with charming background.

Tired of going down will pay off by the paradise down there. Beach is surrounded by phenomenal high cliffs with white sand and blue sea water. You will be amazed by the giant rocks, which have a shape like diamonds, that stand in the middle of the beach and small islands are seen along the coast. Not only swimming, you can find a traditional swing to increase your adrenalin.

Diamond Beach is a new tourist attraction on Nusa Penida Island. The rest, this beach only can enjoyed from the top of the cliff. The top is beautiful, but even better when you go down to the beach. Then, on 2018, local people scrape the cliff to be a stairs to the shoreline. This beach is still in the same area with Atuh Beach and close to three other attractions, namely Pulau Seribu, Raja Lima and Molentang Tree Houses. Highly recommend to visit other attractions if you travel to this beach.

The accommodation around on the beach is still minimal, if you want to go to this place, just choose a nearby accommodation, it will shorten your time on the road.